Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take pictures and pose Style Model

When everyone in the photo definitely do style, except for the official photo yes. Especially women, because women are beautiful creatures with a beautiful body too. Most of the women we photograph definitely do a similar style to the model or artist in order to get a good photo.

The proof we can see from social networking facebook, FB account every woman would have a lot of photo albums and a variety of styles made. But sometimes what comes out is not in accordance with the wishes of the liver or less fit when in the view of others. It was constituted by a variety of factors.
The main factor is clearly the medium used for the photo camera, when we use a digital camera will definitely get the good photo but not guarantee, depends on the photographer. Good camera but could not photograph the results are less good. But most of the photos that appear on fb result of camera phone so the results are not optimal.

To perform the model-style photos must be a way and are the steps which must be at the ready. Here's How to snap a photo Like a Model :
1. Camera
Before performing style or expression in the photograph, the appliance must provide a digital camera, nice try with the lens so as to create a good result anyway. But if it does not have a camera and just for fun happy just using a camera phone can also be. We recommend using a phone that uses Pixel great. Examples of at least 5 MP, in every phone camera at the show must have been what size instead. Then under the measure results are less than the maximum.
2. Exposure
To shoot a major factor after the camera is light, why in every photo studio lights are much brighter there, because to produce a good light for photos. With the right lighting that ordinary people in the photos would be incredible. For that use the camera phone, try to find the time if you want a clear picture because the sun can provide good lighting, when less light results will be ugly.

3. Make Up
Before doing a fashion shoot will definitely not make up beforehand, to get a beautiful picture or in accordance with the concept that was made. When not in the make-up results are less than the maximum. For those who use a mobile phone camera, make-up is also important but should not be excessive and ugly over the results later.
4. Style
Why say that in the photo of a model for smart style with a good photo so to produce images that look natural despite the fact that artificial style. Use a variety of many styles, do you likes it when you're finished the photo selection, you look beautiful in that picture when the style in which. Having met again repeat the style that fits the picture better. Because each person is different it looks beautiful in terms of style.
5. Confidence
Self-confidence is important when taking the picture, if less confident will look completely natural and less stiff photo at yield, although not having such Body model but if you're a high-confidence will get results like models.

6. Body Language
It is supporting the body language while posing for the camera in a photo shoot. Movement will look graceful, elegant and not rigid, making it easier for directional style and photographers to produce good photographs suitable clothing worn. For example, for a photo shoot with fashion, may not pose dashing. It can be trained personally by changing habits.
7. Expression
Make the image come alive, remove all your expressions as natural as possible, preferably before taking the picture of a photographer needs to talk or invite jokingly point not to seduce therapeutic see where lies the expression obtained, so that the next time shoot out should express how.
8. Clothing / Appearance
In addition to a fresh face, makeup and styling support, fashions suit body shape and skin color, it also gives a lot of influence on the results of the shooting. Avoid photographed with clothes that make you look fatter or look shorter. Seek references from fashion magazines or TV shows as inspiration to try out the style of dress, and even pose a good fit.
9. Do not rely on technology.
Although digital imaging technology is able to enhance the images, you should apply makeup still needs to be done manually to support the final outcome. Get used to apply the makeup to smooth and blend. Because the nuclei of makeup is highlighting the advantages and shortcomings of the face mask.
10. Skin freshness.
Facial skin that looks fresh and well maintained, very friendly with the camera eye. If the shooting will take place the next day, avoid staying up late, because it will lead to more oily skin and withered. To overcome this problem, celebrity makeup artist, shared her secret, Rinse face with cold water in the morning, because it will help awaken the skin and shrink pores. After that put on facial moisturizer.
That way Like a Model photographed hopefully can help you if you want to do photos and produce good photographs. If you have good photos like the ones in magazines tide will surely love.

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